PPE management

Making sure your employees wear the right personal protection equipment (PPE) for each task doesn't have to be complicated.

With EZ-PPE, all you have to do is assign the correct PPE to specific tasks. When a worker searches for the task (either online, on his smartphone or on our incredible SafeStation) he can know immediately what PPE is required. It just doesn't get any easier!

  • Manage all your PPE and tasks centrally, even for different facilities
  • Easily assign the correct PPE for each task
  • Accessible online, on a smartphone, a tablet and on our incredible SafeStation
  • Did we mention it's free!

Create all the PPE used by your employees in our easy to use online interface

Create all the tasks your employees perform, even for multiple locations

Assign the required PPE to each task

Workers can easily see which safety equipment is required for doing a specific task

Eliminate confusion by uploading a picture of the safety equipment required

Access the information on a smartphone. Works on any platform (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)