Lockout Tagout

Managing your lockout/tagout program doesn't have to be complicated. With EZ-Lockout, not only can you easily create and maintain your lockout/tagout (LOTO) forms, but you can quickly and easily provide your workers access to each form on any smartphone or tablet, and even record each time someone performs a lockout.

Key features

  • Create lockout/tagout (LOTO) forms with ease directly on our online interface
  • Provide your workers access to electronic forms right on their mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
  • Record every LOTO performed by your workforce, making auditing your program simpler than ever
  • Generate labels with QR codes, allowing workers to find the right LOTO form by simply scanning the code with their smartphone or tablet
  • Allow your workers to report required corrections right from the field, and manager to track the tasks that need to be done
  • Add additional documents (confined space, manuals, procedures) linked to each equipment
  • Linked with our EZ-LMS module to make sure your employees are properly trained to work on each equipment

Easily manage all your forms and equipment using our user-friendly online interface

Multiple forms can be created for each equipment for specific tasks

Rapidly add, remove and reorder LOTO steps

Provide your workers all the information they need for each LOTO step

Easily generate your lockout/tagout forms in PDF

Workers can record each lockout/tagout step-by-step

Each recorded step can be viewed by administrators, including the date and time and by whom it was made

Quickly review all lockout/tagouts performed by each worker for a specific time period

Add and review required corrections to your lockout/tagout program

Our extremely user-friendly mobile interface will adapt to any mobile device, and allow you to view lockout/tagout information right from the work floor

Record each lockout/tagout directly from your smartphone or tablet

Enter corrections that need to be addressed by management. You can even upload pictures!

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