Document management

Having a centralized document management tool like EZ-Docs can save you tons of time and energy.

  • Manage all your documents centrally, even for different facilities
  • Easy upload documents to our user-friendly online interface
  • Upload PDF documents, pictures and even videos
  • Keep multiple version of each document
  • Provide access to documents to workers online, on their smartphone, tablet or on our SafeStations

Choose how to access your documents

In the office

Online interface

Finding a document online is a breeze. Using our powerful search tool, enter what you are looking for and find it in seconds

On the workfloor

Our revolutionary SafeStation

Go paperless with our SafeStation! Give your workers access to all the documents they need directly from their working environment!

From anywhere

Mobile document management

Every document that can be accessed online can also be accessed using our extremely user-friendly mobile interface