MSDS management - SDS management

Let’s face it, SDS/MSDS management is a tremendous pain. From acquiring the original SDS/MSDS from the manufacturer, to ensuring you have the latest ones, to getting them out to your employees…

So why continue dealing with the frustration of maintaining your SDS/MSDSs up to date?

Let our dedicated team take care of all your SDS/MSDS management needs, all for a ridiculously low yearly cost.

  • Turn-key approach: tell us what products you use, we'll take it from there!
  • Original data entry into our online database of all your SDS/MSDSs
  • Acquisition of SDS/MSDSs you may not have or that have been updated by the manufacturer
  • We make sure your SDS/MSDSs are kept up to date
  • Complete data entry into our easy to use online system, creating a virtual binder that is accessible from any internet connected device (computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.)
  • Automatic notification to inform you if an SDS/MSDS needs an update, and if an SDS/MSDS has been updated
  • Easily create labels based on information we enter for you

The Hazmat Systems difference

Our competition

They may claim to have millions of SDSs/MSDSs, but you're still the one that has to do all the legwork to get your e-binder ready, by searching through their product list and finding the right SDS/MSDS. You also have to maintain the SDS/MSDS yourself, since their only verification is done by robots that crawl websites.

Hazmat Systems

Our turn-key approach makes it easier than ever to manage your SDSs/MSDSs. Simply tell us what products you use, and we will acquire the SDS/MSDS from the manufacturers and build your e-binder for you. After that, we will keep in touch with the manufacturers to make sure the SDSs/MSDSs are kept up to date.

Choose how to access your SDS/MSDSs

For the office

Online interface

Our incredibly user-friendly online health & safety information system allows you to centrally manage all the information critical to your employees, including our SDS/MSDS management tool, our Learning Management System (LMS), our document management capabilities and so much more.

For the workforce

Our revolutionary SafeStation

Say goodbye to the binder with our SafeStation, a system designed from the ground up with one person in mind: the worker

Give your workers access to key safety information, and so much more, directly from their working environment!